Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Volunteers and Agenda

Conference Dates - Wed. 20 to Fri 22 June 2007.

We need ,
  1. a few people to volunteer to help organise the event and
  2. suggestions on where to hold the event
  3. conference topics and items for an agenda.
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Eliza said...

do we need to know what eactly we should be doing during the conference so as to enable us to sent any agenda?
i know we got some information during the ICt but I must have forgotten. when we talk of topics, does that mean that we will only have discussions for the three days etc.
what optins do we have, or what is the limit of the thinkable agenda. can we suggest activities instead etc. I need a little more information on this perhaps based on the history of the conference etc.
in addition, do we know whether the three days will be for the joint conference or some days will be for the specific programmes, then we can know how much we can suggest.

Raysolyn said...

hi david...
this will be my first time to attend a vols conference here in mongolia so i have no idea yet about the conf set-up...
but i'm willing to lend a helping hand in case u need "additional manpower"...


Dave said...


The conference is organised by volunteers for volunteers. So I guess anything goes!! VSO Mongolia has asked that we include

1)a session on mainstreaming disability,

2)2-3 hours for programme office stuff,

3)a pre-arrivals workshop, and

4)a review the periodic review forms

As to the individual prog areas getting their own time, I think it makes sense to do that and as to what was done last year, I haven't tracked it down yet.

margie said...

i have been attending conferences for the last 2 years...i'm willing to put in some time for this summer's conference...maybe during one of your discussion/planning sessions. but i cannot commit "full-time" as i'm here for a 6-month assignment...need to maximize time with partner org.

Eliza said...

I think given the comment I received that it 'is 'by volunteers and for volunteers' then everything goes.
wish you all the best as i will be out of the country on a training conference. I really like the session on intergration between PO and volunteers.