Friday, July 6, 2007

Monitoring Evaluation.

Objective: Promote cross programme area working, Facilitated Volunteer to programme office working

Outcome : Improved placement management support documentation

The conference was fortunate to have attending Paul Wooster who is responsible for Secure Livelihoods and Monitoring and Evaluation in VSO Manila.

Four separate session were held on various aspects of the information flow in VSO Mongolia.

  1. Programme area review documentation
  2. Information gathering
  3. Partnership review and planning documentation
  4. New partner evaluation and needs analysis documentation
The session proved productive in recommending amendments and additions to the existing information systems for monitoring and evaluating VSO volunteer placements and partners in Mongolia. From Paul we learned that M & E processes are being developed in all VSO Programme Offices worldwide. The fruits of our deliberations will by felt by us all as the Programme Office incorporates appropriate recommendations into their information gathering systems.

Follow up action : Revise the management documents and information flow for VSO Mongolia.

Action by : Alison

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