Friday, July 6, 2007

Seeking Solutions - Accommodation

Objective: Find Solutions to UB Accommodation Problems

Outcome : Acceptable, workable accommodation policy for UB placements

Rent issues

Because of accommodation rent rises,

  • Poorly funded partners cannot afford rent rises
  • Differences in standards of accommodation are being experienced

It was clear that these issues only relate to accommodation in UB.


  • Volunteers to share accommodation
  • Accommodation sought in outlying areas of UB
  • Use Ger accommodation

Relate issues

All Placement documentations for UB should mention sharing accommodation with another volunteer. Placement documentation should ask whether volunteers are willing to share with opposite sex or staying in a ger.

  • Ideally accommodation should be allocated before end of ICT, so that vols can settle and start work promptly
  • PO encourage partners to pair up over accommodation arrangements. Pairing should happen after vols have been accepted to be able to match same sex/age etc.
  • For short term volunteers the PO will continue to provide shared accommodation e.g a VSO rented flat

Follow up action : Inform VSO London of the new accommodation reality for volunteers in UB

Action by : Alison

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