Thursday, May 22, 2008

VSO Volunteer Conference '08 - Provisional Agenda

Wednesday 18th June

Depart Ulaanbaatar at 10.15am. Arrive at the camp at the camp at 1.15pm.

Program areas sessions.

Thursday 19th June

VSO Mongolia sessions:

  • Communication: VSO, partners and volunteers.
  • Improving continuity → sharing resources → blogging for VSO
  • VSO policies including the recent document about what VSO can and cannot do.
  • Disability. This still needs to be confirmed but initial ideas are that it focuses on practical things and assessing access. More work on this needs to be done.

Friday 20th June

Success stories, frustrations and solutions to these frustrations.

Q & A

Multi choice sessions on subjects/ projects that volunteers want to share with other vols.

Depart the summer camp at 1.15pm and arrive in Ulaanbaatar at roughly 4.15pm.


brian said...

would like to see something on donor coordination and donor fatigue, and on knowledge management in VSO session, could do something on value chain analysis if anyone was interested on friday session

Robert Slinn said...

If you're desperate, I can do a session on teaching English? It would be very informal and just to give ideas, but I could if you needed someone.

I wondered if there was going to be a ten minute slot for the allowance? We had to fill in some forms a few months ago, how many carrots we ate and so on, but then I never heard any feedback about this? With recent price increases again.....just wondered if someone from PO wanted to comment????? I know it's a bit of a touchy subject, but a ten minute comment wouldn't be all bad would it??

Also, I wondered if there could be a session devoted to "sustaining oneself??" Don't really know what I mean here, but something with yoga, or creative writing, or something to help volunteers sustain themselves, especially in the winter time....?? Don't really know what I'm suggesting here, just speaking out loud really....

Ruth Powell