Monday, June 30, 2008

Mainstreaming Disability 19 June

Actions our annual Volunteer Conference agreed upon

1.1_Bring up Mainstreaming Disability with Partner Organisations
1.2_For each new project, think about mainstreaming disability
1.3_Report back to Programme Office, and volunteers share experience and ideas
1.4_Be inclusive in our everyday activities
1.5_In each Programme Area (Education, Health, Secure Livelihoods, National Volunteering) feed into VSO mainstreaming disability
1.6_Programme Office to ensure Mainstreaming Disability is mentioned in every Placement Outline
1.7_In every Programme Area Review, check on mainstreaming disability
1.8_Continue activities we have started, including National Volunteering

2.1_Fundraise to increase mainstreaming disability, especially in Rural Areas
2.2_Include People With Disabilities (PWDs) including rural as well as urban PWDs in assessments

(l)What is disability?

(r)Pop Quiz - 1,2, famous PWDs 3, is there a universal sign language? (f)

How do you sign that? (Mng)

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Jorge said...

Hello friend: it wanted invitarte that you visit blog that I am making with my students of second year of the secondary one on the DISCRIMINATION.
arduous and interesting Subject.
Surely it will be of your affability.
We invited to you that you read what pleases of him and makes an opinion on he himself.
Its contribution will be valuable.
In blog it will find a translator of the page in several languages if he needs it.
A hug from Argentina.