Thursday, June 14, 2007

To bring list.

The timetable for the conference has been sent to you by email. First up is the reception at the Ambassador's Residence, Tuesday evening. 18:15 at VSO office to walk to the compound.

  1. Beer/wine/water/soft drinks – Particularly wine if that is you tipple.
  2. Nibbles – crisps, crystalised dried fruit, Pringles etc.
  3. Torch – There is very little or no light after dark. Only the stars and moon.
  4. Towel – Hand towel supplied by the camp.
  5. Insect repellent – Not sure if the insect army is awake yet. Best be prepared.
  6. Toilet paper – you never know when……….!!!!
  7. Home comforts – There is no shop near so bring chocolate, favourite drink, biscuits, etc. No night raids on the camp kitchen as happened at Harbourne Hall!!!!!

If you can bring some,
  • Balls of all sizes, for football, volley ball, basket ball, golf.
  • DVD’s of recent films – to show at conference or swap
  • Cards – for cannaster, bridge, snap
  • Board games – chess, draughts, back gammon
  • Soduku grids – for a competition.
  • Musical instruments you can play – guitar, trumpet. Nice to hear live music.
  • Bow and arrows – archer competition.
  • Good books – lots of places to sit on your own and read a good book but also the conference is a good book swap opportunity.
  • Any thing else that comes to mind

We can organise impromptu competitions, depending on your mood, one on one or SL v Health AND Education.

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