Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Progress update - 31/05/07

Urnaa and I had a meeting with the manager of the conference Ger camp to sort out a few details, food, accommodation etc.

All looking mostly good,

  1. Toilets will be ok but showers might be a bit flaky. Some times cold.
  2. Hand towels are provided in the gers
  3. Some renovation work will be going on in the games room and is not likely to be finished.
  4. We have asked if there is a local person who could lead the mediation sessions but it isn’t looking good for this activity. Is anyone out there able and willing to do the job? Or can anyone suggest something equally calming to do in the time slot?
  5. We will have a disco till 11 pm on the first night and a khorkhog(?) with a DIY entertainment on the second night.
The timetable for the event is nearly sorted and will be sent to you nearer the date.

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