Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Suggested Topics

Some suggestions for the blanks in the planned events. Green indicates already acted on. Please let us know likes and dislikes from the list or suggest new sessions.

Sessions on,
  • Adult learners and the cultural issues. (from Cielo)
  • Like skills training for socially disadvantaged (from Cielo)
  • Distance learning in Mongolia, now and the future (from Hazel)
  • People management in Mongolia, Hare and tortoise, go for the immediate before the important. (from David)
  • People Management, motivation, team building (from Zoe)
  • Hello/goodbyes?? (Formal welcome to all the people who came in Feb. and goodbye to those going in the next few months) (from Pam)
  • Have some of the sessions outside? (from Pam)
  • Some kind of session/activity (do not ask me what!) to integrate PO and vols: team building or some such like. (from Pam)
  • Objective/outcome: maybe change to: disability session is to make vols and PO want to do something about mainstreaming disability (from Pam)
  • Policy on exchange / joint working of volunteers ( From Maarten)
  • Policy on visiting conferences and attending trainings. ( From Maarten)
  • We would like to know the roles and responsibilities of the PO staff. As we understand there is some information in the vol room on this, but this does not help us, being 650 km away. ( From Maarten)
  • We would like to know when new volunteers arrive, their names and where they are to work.( From Maarten)
  • There has been a long delay in the supply of medical equipment and water filters. Because this concerns our health we would like to know what procedures have been put in place to prevent the actual problems happening again. ( From Maarten)


  • Maybe some game- time (I’m thinking Frisbee nothing over exerting) in the afternoon before we start afternoon sessions or just some free time might be nice. (from Pam)
  • Horse riding time?! (from Pam)
  • Have one of the lunches as a picnic? (from Pam)
  • Evening fun- pub quiz/ karaoke? (from Pam)
  • Definitely some free time to relax together in afternoons. (from Pam)
  • something fun and creative- like zoe could teahc us weaving or gek painting? (from Pam)
And more?

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