Monday, May 14, 2007

The Where, an update -15th May 2007

Well, it is still in flux. We did a day out visiting 8 ger camps from the south west, along the river south of UB, round to Gatchuurt and ending in Terelj. The challenge is to find a place with conference friendly facilities (as opposed to conference facilities), within a 2 hour drive from the VSO office, at price we can afford, with accommodation for 35+ and reasonable facilities. Struck out.

We have a couple of new out of town options to pursue but we are now looking at conferencing facilities in UB for the first two days and spending the third day out of town. This will mean switching the agenda days around a bit. Ideally we need to resolve ‘The Where’ ASAP this week. So, if you have a view, please let me know. I have had nearly 70 emails so far about VolCon2007………never had such an active in box. Keep them coming.

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