Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What we have and what we have to do.

Resouirces available
  • 4 facilitators, Rolsalyn, Gek, Urnaa and David
  • VSO Office support
  • Email
  • Blog
  • Mobile phone
  • Budget - Travel, 2 nights accommodation, 2 dinners, 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, stationary.
  • >40 participants
What is needed.
  • Venue, Ger camp close to UB won the vote. (4 to 9 to 1 )
  • Conference aims – ICN seems to be the nature of the proposed agend so far.
  • Entertainment
  • Workshop facilitators
  • Guest speakers
  • Who is coming?

How to organize.

Given the short time till the conference, 6 weeks, and the number of person hours available, we need to try a different approach. If a collective effort can be used to put detail on the “What is Needed” the 4 facilitators will endeavour to make it happen!! Royslan, Gek and Urnaa volunteer to help facilitate. Gek did volunteer honest.

The four of us live/work close by each other which will help. So, the approach is you guys help with proposals and the diecision making using texting, emailing and bloging. We will implement your proposal/decissioins, using email and the blog to update you on are progress and asking for help.

Ok, this should be interesting.

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